Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Graphic Struggle

You write a book, wade your way through the self-publishing process (sometimes drowning), and just when you think you are nearing the finish line you realize:  I still need a damn book cover. FML!  And then you realize that since you haven't given a second thought to your book cover, you don't have a clue what to put on the front of your novel.  I know that the old saying is, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but that is far from the truth.  Before many readers even think to give me chance, they will have already judged me by the cover of my book. 

I started the graphic designer struggle way back in January, and it has been a very trying journey to find the design that appealed to my senses as a writer and reader.  I have stressed (almost cried), pulled my hair out (my weave anyway), and was at witts end just trying to make someone see what I saw in my head.  I mean, it can't be that hard to read my mind right?  It wasn't working, and I had started to think I would have a book without a cover.

Two weeks ago, thanks to the assistance of my brother, I was connected with the designer that would be able to take my vision and bring it to life.  As of today, my graphics have been finalized, and another milestone in this process has been passed with flying colors.  June 29th, I am ready for you, but are you ready for me? #FashionablyDeceptiveComingSoon


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